Creating Growth Mindset Classrooms

Why you should establish a growth mindset in the classroom

2016- 2017 School Year

Implementing a Growth Mindset in the Classroom

Hello Teachers, this is Principal Keith. This school year I would l like to establish growth mindsets in the classrooms of all your students.

When students and educators have a growth mindset they understand that learning can be developed.

At a Growth Mindset school, Administrators such as myself are open to honest feedback, we are willing to learn from the teachers.

Teachers collaborate with their colleagues and leaders. They strive to strengthen their own product. They believe that all students can learn and succeed.

Parents support their children's learning and worry less about grades and focus more on making sure their kids are being challenged and putting in effort.

Students are enthusiastic, hardworking and persistent, taking charge of their success.

Benefits of Establishing a Growth Mindset Classroom

It is important to establish a growth mindset in the classroom because it not only offers short-term benefits, but it offers long-term benefits as well.

Tips to Creating a Growth Mindset Classroom

What you can do as a teacher to develop mastery-oriented students--students who will face a challenge rather than be overwhelmed by it

Focus on students' efforts and not their abilities. For example, if a math teacher assigned a student a challenging math problem, instead of praising the student based on whether they got it wrong or not, you should focus on the effort and perseverance they had while completing the problem.

Teach students to relish a challenge. Your job as a teacher should be to transmit the joy of confronting a challenge and struggling to find strategies that work. For example, you could start each day of with a challenging world problems and help the students find strategies that can help them solve the world problem.

Help students focus on and value learning. Students are too hung up on grades that they forget their main reason of going to school is to learn. While grades are important, learning is more important.

Last but not least, Create an atmosphere that fosters a love of learning and challenge. Create an atmosphere that your students will look forward to entering. Create challenges that will excite the students and give them motivation to complete new ones. Create a positive environment in which you focus on learning and effort.