Mental Health Matters

Volume 2----------- May 2022

Bibb County Schools

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Summer Tips for Students

Summer is a fun and exciting time! It’s also a time when children have more free time to pursue outdoor activities, spend time at home, and be with friends.

Safety is always important and summer is the perfect time to review some safety rules.

1. Always wear a helmet when riding a bike, skateboard or scooter.

2. Buckle up in the car.

3. Never swim alone.

4. While using the internet, never give out personal information.

5. Use the buddy system and go places in groups.

6. Never go anywhere without permission from the adult in charge.

7. Never help a strange adult find a lost puppy, do a chore, etc. Tell your parents if this happens. 8. You are in charge of your own body. Nobody has the right to make you feel uncomfortable. Tell an adult if this happens.

9. Know your full name, address and telephone number.

10. Be a star! Tell an adult if you think that something is unsafe, illegal, or wrong.

Parent Safety Quiz

PARENTS: Take This Safety Quiz - - It Could Help You Keep Your Child Safe

1. Does your child know his address, phone number, and parents’ names?

2. Have you taught your child what to do in an emergency? (have you discussed different types of emergencies :fire, injury, accidents, etc.)

3. Does your child know who is and is not allowed in the house when you are not home?

4. Have you set up emergency plans for what to do if your child loses his/her house key, misses the bus, is being followed, or injures him/herself?

5. Have you taught your child about “stranger danger” and some tricks people might use to abduct children? (ask for help to find a lost pet, give candy, need help carrying something, say your parent told me to give you a ride home, etc.)

6. Have you taught your child that their body is their own and that it is NOT OK for someone else to touch their private areas of their body?

7. Does your child have access to important phone numbers and contact people?

8. Does your child know how to safely enter a house when they are alone, or if alone at home do they know what to say when they answer the phone or when someone comes to the door?

9. Does your child really know that a stranger can be anyone they do not know well - - that people who try to hurt or abduct children may just look like a friendly person asking for help?

10. Do you know where your children are when they leave the house? How did you do?

Be honest - - are there some safety issues you need to discuss in greater detail with your children?

Summer Fun Ideas