Little Owls

Young Twos

Lead Teacher - Ms. Lauren

Lauren began teaching at St. David’s Episcopal Day School in August 1998. She left the Day school when her daughter Frances was born but eventually returned and continued to work in the St. David’s Childcare program. She has been the Lead teacher in 2's class since 2005 and is loved by both children and their parents. Prior to teaching our 2's Lauren was the Lead teacher in our Toddler 1’s class for three years and received her CDA in 2012.

PLAY is an Essential Element:

  • Bridges the gap between concrete and abstract ideas
  • Organizes ideas
  • Provides opportunities for practice
  • Is a vehicle for discovering knowledge about the world
  • Has a major role in the development of language
  • Provides opportunities to practice problem solving skills
  • Develops social skills
  • Helps children gain control of impulses
  • Provides opportunities for developing qualities of leadership, competition, teamwork, perseverance, flexibility, toughness, altruism. idealism, etc.
  • Reduces stress
  • Relieves anxiety

What to Bring on Your First Day

  • Large bag of diapers and a bag or box of wipes (all diapers should be labels with child's name)
  • 1-2 complete change of clothes for your child's cubby
  • Photos: 1 small photo of your child alone, 1 of your family, 1 of your pets if you have them.

What to Bring Every Day

  • A healthy lunch and snack - clearly labeled
  • At least one sippy cup filled with your child's favorite drink, (we will refill with water if it runs out or you may send 2 cups) clearly labeled
  • Any comfort items your child might need to fell secure (a blanket, a piece of your clothing, or a stuffed toy) clearly labeled
  • Please label EVERYTHING your child brings to school (sippy, lovey, extra clothes, binkies, etc)

Assistant Teacher

Hi! I'm Julieta and I am the Assistant Teacher in the Owls classroom. I have an Associate degree in the Science of Nursing and have worked at SDDS since 2021. We have lots of fun in our young two's class and love doing art, music, singing and playing outside! You may catch us taking a stroll in our big red buggy, or running around the gym learning about fitness and our growing bodies with Coach Bob! We are always up to something fun here, but most of all we make sure all the children learn to feel safe in their classroom so they are ready to go off and explore!