Room 9 News

Deadlines and Upcoming Events

Mystery Book Pizza and Math

Mystery Book Pizza: The kids have 2 weeks and 2 weekends to complete their Mystery Book Pizza. Thank you for your support in making sure they are reading their book and are taking notes as they read. It would be very helpful for the kids to reread the instructions on the gold colored paper and to jot down notes as they read, check off information as they write it on the pizza, etc.

I showed the kids examples from past 3rd graders so they could get a better idea of what a pizza looked like. Good luck!!

Math Facts: The kids have facts to memorize if they have not completed their facts from 1-12. They know which one they are studying this week and they wrote it on their Homework Grid. If they have mastered their facts, they can study a mix of facts and will be tested on Friday for Mixed Facts.

Eureka Math: The kids are going to show you how they circle important information and solve math problems by showing their work and labeling their math. Math homework is much different this week and it is what we are doing in class. Enjoy!

Upcoming Event... Our Multicultural Feast

I wanted to let you know of our "Multicultural Feast" date- Wednesday, December 17th from 10:45-12:30.

The kids are going to bring in a dish to share with the class, that they enjoy from their culture and traditions they share with their family. More information will follow in the next week. I just wanted you to be aware of the date and time. I will have a sign up on the wiki after I speak with our Room Moms. All parents are invited!