Fourth Grade Newsletter

Important (Date Corrections)

Fourth Grade Specials Time (Gingerbread House Time for Mrs. Biederer's class) has changed to 2:35 PM on Friday!

Polar Express Day is on Thursday, December 17th - kids can wear pajamas to school.

Fourth Grade's Winter Party is Friday, December 18th from 9:15 - 10:00.


In reading, students will begin their study of drama. Two objectives we will focus on are themes in drama and comparing drama to other types of literature. With the holiday season fast approaching, there are many great holiday plays available in the Houston area. The Houston Theater websites has listings for various shows.


Students will finish up their fiction pieces this week. We have worked on leads, endings and elaboration techniques.

Social Studies

Students will continue studying European Explorers. This week we will study La Salle, Pineda, and Onate. For more information on these explorers, check out the links


We are starting our unit on Personal Financial Literacy. This week, students will focus on identifying fixed and variable expenses. Students will also learn about the advantages of using financial institutes to save money.

Talk to your child about the fixed and variable expenses you have in your home. What are the advantages of knowing which expenses are fixed, and which ones are variable?

Differences between Fixed and Variable Expenses.


Students will study properties of soil this week. Students will explore clay, sand, and humus.

What's the Dirt on ... Dirt?

A Note from our GT Teacher, Ms. Sager

If you are interested in having your child screened for the Gifted and Talented program please pick up a copy of the parent checklist from the front office. Parent checklists may also be obtained from this site All parent checklists are due December 11th.