Cold War Presidents

By Jake Johnson

Harry Truman

A democrat that served 2 terms from 1945-1953

Foreign- The Berlin Airlift (care packages to inside West Berlin while the blockade was up), Marshall Plan (aid to post WWII Europe), and the start of the Cold War (the non-fighting war between US and USSR for about 50 years).

Domestic- McCarthyism (man accusing everyone of being communist, accused army, called bluff, lost credibility), Alger Hiss (state employee accused of being a russian spy), Organizing the White House.

Truman was remembered for dropping the Atomic Bomb in WWII.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

A republican that served 2 terms from 1953-1961.

Foreign- Nuclear Diplomacy, U.S. relations with Soviet Union during the Cold War, and Middle East Rivalry (Eisenhower Doctrine)

Domestic- Interstate Highway Systems, Civil Rights, and poverty.

He was most remembered for his being An U.S. Army General and for being the D-Day hero.

John F. Kennedy

A Democrat that served almost a full one term from 1961-1963.

Foreign- The Bay of Pigs invasion which failed, he took responsibility, The cuban Missile Crisis, and trade expansion act to lower tariffs.

Domestic- Civil Rights movement, The development of the Peace Corps, and ¨the New Frontier¨ he called it was the movement in funding education and medical things.

He was remembered for being assasinated.

Lyndon Johnson

A Democrat that served 2 terms from 1963-1969.

Foreign- Vietnam War (put troops in), Relations in Latin America, and Superpower Diplomacy

Domestic- Expansion, CIvil Rights, and The war on poverty

He was remembered for the president that put us into the Vietnam War.

Richard Nixon

A republican that served 1 full term and part of another from 1969-1974.

Foreign- Opening to China, Withdrawal from Vietnam, and beyond the ¨Big Three¨.

Domestic- Watergate Scandal he was accused of, regulations, and social legislation.

He was remembered for the scandal that led to him resigning as president.

Gerald Ford

A Republican that served 1 term from 1974-1977.

Foreign- Detente with Soviet Union, End of Vietnam, the Helsinki Accords.

Domestic- Pardoning nIxon for the scandal, The Ford Administration team, and Reforming the CIA.

He was most remembered for the only president never elected by people.

Jimmy Carter

A Democrat that served 1 term from 1977-1981.

Foreign- Panama Canal, Camp David Accords, and Iran Hostage.

Domestic- Relations with Congress, Energy Policy, poor media image; scandals.

He was most remembered for coming from peanut farmer to president.

Ronald Reagan

A Republican that served 2 terms from 1981-1989.

Foreign- U.S. invade Grenada, ¨peaceful solution¨, and fall of the Berlin Wall.

Domestic- Reagonomics, Large tax cut, and Social Security Reform.

He was remembered for bringing the cold war to an end.