Jessica Baker



I'm Jessi and am taking this course as a requirement for my major in School Health. I am a southern Illinois transplant and currently loving the pacific north west. I am passionate about living a life of fulfillment. For me this includes optimizing my health through movement and getting outside breathing fresh air and taking in the sun. I believe all of Earth's offerings are precious and actively celebrate them.

I have a pup, Zo, who is usually my only company but I like it that way. While I can be cynical of relationships, I have a strong connection to my family who mostly reside in the midwest.

In general I try to enjoy the little things. I don't believe in favorites - there are simply too many great things in things in this world to explore. I like high fives, hammocks and flowers. I hike, bike, camp and stretch. I jump off of whatever I can into a body of water. I currently have no vision or expectations for the next year of my life or any year after but am ready and eager for whatever adventure comes my way.

Xavier Rudd - Follow The Sun [official music video]