Elizabeth I, Queen of England

Ruler of England

Elizabeth the early years

  • When Elizabeth was 2 yrs old her mother was beheaded. Because of her father King Henry VIII.
  • After her mothers death Elizabeth was sent away to be forgotten.
  • She had diplomatic skills which brought stability to a nation riven by political and religious discort.

The achievements of Elizabeth

  • She contributed to the strong growth of England's international trading interests.
  • Some of her approval she would let England trade or raided Spanish America.
  • Crowning the substantial commercial development of Elizabeth of England.

interesting facts on Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth was 2 years old when her mother was executed.
  • Henry wanted Elizabeth to grow up around "ancient,and sad people"to make sure she would grow up serious.
  • Elizabeth was forgotten as her father got another wife right after her mothers death.
  • Elizabeth stayed mainly at Hatfield, her royal home, was 20 miles north of London.

some impacts on today from Elizabeth

  • They changed the English books to English instead of Latin.
  • When King Henry died Her half-brother got the crown at age nine.
  • King Henry and his forth wife Jane Seymour gave birth to Edward.

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