EMS Weekly Calendar / Notes

Week of March 9th - 13th

Principals Message

EMS Staff,

Breathe DEEPLY and SLOWLY and then REPEAT. This is my mantra for the upcoming week because there is LOTS going on at Evergreen. Details are listed below in the Upcoming Events Section. I'm looking forward to next Wednesday where we are going to have an "Innovation Cafe" during Academic Seminar. We will meet in the library and you will have the opportunity to visit various "Tech Stations" to collaborate. We will meet at 8a.m. in the Library.

Enjoy the Sunshine!


Weekly Highlights


7th Grade Internet Safety and Etiquette Guiderooms

March 10th, 12th and 17th we will host WaCo Juvenille Counselor Michael Buttice to cover internet safety. Celia will be sending out the groupings. Occurs in the Eagles Nest.

Incoming 6th Grade Parent Nights

All 7th Grade Teachers on deck for Tuesday March 10th and Thursday March 12th. Report to Celia by 6:45p.m. The event starts at 7p.m. with a Welcome in the Eagles Nest.

Friday March 13th Activities

Glencoe H.S. will be visiting us for our assembly Friday afternoon.

Milagro Theatre Production for 8th Grade.

During Social Studies this week all students will be working with the Milagro Theatre group with a culminating activity of seeing a play on Friday during 2nd and 3rd periods. Kristi Larsen will have the groupings of students. This is an optional event for the students as they may choose to attend the play or stay in class if needed.

National Junior Honor Society Induction

Wednesday March 11th we will be inducting in our next group to the NJHS club. Thanks to Bonnie W. for all her work to give students this glimpse into National Honor Society.

Academic Seminar Switches for March

March 4th is Teacher Led

March 11th is Admin Led

March 18th is Teacher Led