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November Edition

What's Going on in the WC Library?


Research & Plagiarism Prevention

Several of the AP English 3 classes visited to explore topics, conduct research, and complete an activity about plagiarism and MLA formatting. These students used databases to locate resources about various social issues, took digital notes, and will write an annotated bibliography. This collaboration between classroom teacher and librarian is a great way to develop lessons and activities to prepare students for higher ed research.

Visual Analysis Brainstorming

Part of the English 3 assignment included generating topics with a brainstorming activity. They conducted a visual analysis of images, and shared ideas from this interpretation for potential research topics.
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"Where are your scary books?"

Genrefication is defined in Urban Dictionary (as of 2008) as "the process or idea of classifying music, film, literature, or other such mediums into specific genres or categories."

We recently completed our genrefication project in the WC library with the help of some wonderful volunteers. Our former librarian, Jan Jones, worked tirelessly to categorize our fiction books, label them, and shift them into their appropriate locations. Assisting her were our two fabulous PTA Library volunteers, Leanne & MaryKay, who have given their time to help out with this and several other library projects. We are extremely thankful they have chosen our library to share their time and expertise.

Now, when students say "where are your scary books?" we can easily point them to the right section of the library. Other genres include, adventure, fantasy, realistic fiction, science fiction, and more. We hope this will help students locate books they already have an interest in, or find a new genre to explore.

Thank you, PTA!!!

PTA Pie Distribution Day

Every year our generous PTA members gift our teachers with a Thanksgiving pie. The library is Pie Central where the pies are collected, organized, and presented in festive wrappings. We get to see some very happy teachers walk away with a delicious dessert for their Thanksgiving table.


2nd Annual Creepy Cafe

Students enjoyed hot chocolate and scary stories in the library at our Creepy Cafe!

October by the Numbers

Library Visitors:



Individuals from Class--396




Print Books Checked Out--869 (a 60% increase from last month!)

OverDrive Check Outs--45

Special Activities/Meetings: