Ct Scan

by: Katelyn Clemons

What is a Ct scan?

Computerized tomography (CT scan) also called a Cat Scan combines a series of X-ray views taken from many different angles and computer processing to create cross-sectional images of the bones and soft tissues inside your body. r processing to create cross-sectional images of the bones and soft tissues inside your body.

What is the Ct scan capable of scaning?

head scans – these can be used to check for suspected brain tumors and bleeding or swelling of the arteries; they can also be used to investigate the brain after a stroke

abdominal scans – these can be used to detect tumors and diagnose conditions that cause internal organs, such as the liver, kidneys, pancreas, intestines or lungs, to become enlarged or inflamed

vascular scans – these can be used to assess conditions that affect the blood flow to different parts of the body

bone scans – these can be used to assess bone injuries and disease, particularly in the spine

What can you see on a Ct scan?

Can a ct scan cause harm to me?

The amount of radiation in a single CT scan, according to the authors, is not out of line with radiation dosages sustained by survivors of the atomic bombs dropped in Japan during World War II. And, from studies that have been very carefully done, we know that there was an increased risk of cancer in those survivors at those doses of radiation.

The authors state that based on comparable risk estimates along with information on CT scan usage from 1991 through 1996, about 0.4% (or 4 in 1000) of all cancers in the United States may in fact be related to radiation from CT scans.

Given the fact that there has been a surge in the use of CT scans, the authors also state that in their opinion in the future 1.5% to 2% of all cancers may be caused by radiation exposure from CT scans.

The issue isn’t so serious for someone who is older, since cancers that could result from CT scan-related radiation exposure would take years to develop. However, given the fact that there is increased use of CT scans in the pediatric population, this could be a problem since these children will be alive for many years after a scan is performed.

Why Should i choose a Ct scan over a X-Ray?

žThe advantages of CT scans over x-rays includes the large amount of data a CT scan provides, the ability of the physician to manipulate the data into various views without additional imaging of the patient, and the ability to selectively enhance or remove structures from the images.

What does the inside of the Ct scanner look like?

Where are Ct scans preformed?

You can have a CT scan done in a hospital or an outpatient facility. CT scans are painless and, with newer machines, typically take only a few minutes to complete.