Slave Chocolate

A Braeden Schultze Presentation

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Child Slaves

In Africa most of the population live in very rough conditions. People are very poor, they lack proper medical treatment, and they don’t have much modern technology. Cocoa is produced by hand in Africa, so plantation owners use child slaves to grow and produce chocolate from the Cacao plants.
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Cacao tree farmers buy children from their parents in order to make them child slaves. They convince the parents that their children will have better lives and can even send money home to them. But these children, usually eleven to sixteen years old and sometimes even younger, are forced to do hard manual labor from 80 to 100 hours a week. They are paid nothing, are underfed, receive no education, and are often ruthlessly beaten, if they try to escape. Most of the children will never see their families again.

Whats being done?

Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Despite their major role in contributing to child labor, slavery, and human trafficking, chocolate companies have not taken any significant steps to resolve the problem. Within the $60-billion industry, chocolate companies have the power to end the use of child and slave labor by paying cocoa farmers a living wage for their product. To date, the industry has done little to nothing to end child labor, let alone aid the survivors of child labor.