6th and 8th Grade Math

With Ms. Watkins

March 20, 2015 Volume 26

Please check and sign your child's assessment folder.

Office Hours

Every Tuesday from 3:15-4:00 I have what I refer to as office hours. This is a time when students may come in and begin their homework, work on the script or a reassessment video, or just receive additional help. This week we had several students in for the office hours and many finished all their math homework during that time. If your child wants to attend it is open for all. Below are some expectations for all who come. The purpose of sharing these are to make it clear that this time is for understanding math.


  1. Work on math material first.
  2. Keep voices down so that everyone can focus on their own material.
  3. If a student wants or needs a snack please make sure it is nut free.


In the same way we do varied assessments for the standards, there will be varied reassessments based on the topics and standards that are being reassessed during the third trimester.

6th Grade Math

This week was all about geometry. On Monday there was a quiz on section 1-4 of chapter 7. Tuesday we talked about congruent figures. Students were able to write congruence statements for the corresponding sides and able to fill in missing information when they were told that two figures were congruent. On Wednesday we discussed circles and the terminology specific to them. Students worked with a partner to identify radii, diameters, chords, central angles, and arc's for ten different circles. After the partners shared what was special or interesting about the circle they started with. On Thursday we discussed circle graphs. I made a point to show that calculating central angles is just solving a proportion. On Friday students were able to construct with a compass and straight edge a congruent line and a perpendicular bisector. Next week we will spend time reviewing on Monday and Tuesday. The chapter 7 test is on Wednesday.

8th Grade Math

On Monday and Tuesday students learned about linear inequalities. Monday focused on graphing a single linear inequality and shading the region of the graph that show the solution. They discovered that dashed lines correspond to greater than or less than equations and solid lines correspond to greater than or equal to and less than or equal to. On Tuesday we moved on to graphing systems of linear inequalities. To solve these students graphed each inequality on the same axis and saw the solution as the region that made both inequalities true. On Wednesday the first half of class was given to review. After the review I introduced exponential equations. In this class the students learned how to evaluate an exponential function and were able to see the shape of exponential graphs. On Friday we discussed exponential growth and setting up exponential equations for real life scenarios like compounding interest. Next week we will be discussing exponential decay on Monday. On Tuesday I will return the quizzes from chapter 7 so that students can see what they need to study before the test. Tuesday and wednesday will be review. On Thursday there will be a test on material from chapter 7 and 8.7-8.8.