Re-Imagine School

It's time to throw out the old play book!

Travel into the digital age

Today, there are many teachers that still keep the same theories and lessons that they had in the classroom over 20 years ago! This not good for today's students and in some cases is actually hindering their learning. It's time to educate the older generation teachers and have them travel into the digital age. Continue reading to find out more ideas on how to do this!

Calling all teachers!

There are so many helpful and creative websites to get you inspired to change up the way that you teach class. Maybe instead of having your students journal, have them create a blog to write down their ideas! Instead of having the youngsters practice letters on a piece of paper, have them use the writing app on an iPad to get the techniques down. Worried about the cost to implement all of these new devices? Go to the principal, school board, or any type of administration and pitch your idea. There are different kinds of grants that you can apply for or even try to do a fundraiser. This is something that can be very powerful for you students and have a great impact on their future. It's time to move forward with education and start being proactive.

Different forms of technology to use in the classroom

Not quite convinced yet? Check out this powerful video!


What would the school of your dreams look like? If you could design a classroom with anything you desired and did not have any budget limitations, where would you start? Would you be sure to incorporate technology? I know that if I had this chance, technology would be the first thing I would think about when making the design. I would make sure that each of my students would have an iPad and that there would be a smart room at the front of the classroom. Instead of desks, there would be tables where four students sat at a time. This would make it easier to do group projects and to switch around from place to place. Each student would have a cubby hole where they put all of their supplies and then whenever they would need something, they could walk over and get it and not be distracted with that those things when I was teaching a lesson. The classroom would be decorated in a fun and engaging manor so the students felt comfortable and ready to learn. The picture that I have posted would look somewhat like the future classroom I want to except for more colorful things added in! I hope that this has given you an idea of a classroom that you would like to have in the future!
This is another inspiring video about how important it is for teachers to learn how to use technology and then apply it in the classroom! Check out this website to see the old and new video made by Kevin Honeycutt. Hopefully it will convince you even more to use technology!
I Need My Teachers To Learn (Kevin Honeycutt )

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