Alfred Xuma

Ryan Porter


Alfred was born in Transkei in 1893. After completing his primary education, he went to Maritzburg Training Institute to study teaching. After this he traveled to the United States to go to college during the day, and at nights he would work at a steel mill. He graduated from college with as a Doctor of Medicine and headed back to South Africa. Because he was political involved in South Africa in the 1930's, he was elected president of the ANC. After many years working in the ANC he was said to be too slow and moderate so he was replaced by Dr. J.S. Moroka. Xuma died in 1962 in Johannesburg.
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Significance in the Anti-Apartheid Movement

Alfred Xuma played a very significant role in the Anti-Apartheid Movement. In 1940 he was elected president of the ANC and helped rebuild a scattered organization against great difficulties. Dr, Xuma also signed a pact with Dr. Dadoo, the leader of Indian Congress, to fight together in a conjoined front. Alfred was also an unofficial delegate for the South Africans at the United Nations in 1946. One of Alfred Xuma's great successes as the president of ANC is how good of a job he did at fundraising money for organizations. Xuma was able to get the ANC along with other organizations to be awarded large amounts of money if they promoted South African welfare.
President of ANC Jacob Zuma deliver a Lecture in honour of president Alfred Bitini Xuma


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