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January 2013 Rank Promotions & Upcoming Dates

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January Rank Promotions!

HUGE Congratulations goes to the following Team Members on their promotions!!

Senior Team Leader

  • Melissa Sundt

Team Leader

  • Katie Aslan
  • Brandy Blanch
  • Mary Beth Denney
  • Colleen & Meghan Kelley
  • Rachel McKeown
  • Erica Petro
  • Karrie Spears
  • Veronica Zmich

Leading Designer
  • Mary Anne Barger
  • Katie Best
  • Rebecca Beussink
  • Leah Costello
  • Emily Edwards
  • Deanna Jordon
  • Alannah Manfredi
  • Brandy Martin
  • Danielle Ullrich


Do you know what it takes to get a promotion?

Make sure you reach out to your Mentor to ensure you understand the Career Plan and let them help guide you so you can make your goals come true!

Upcoming Dates

Valentine's Day Shipping Schedule (for delivery by February 13th)

2.7 Thursday Last day to ship with 3 Day Shipping

2.10 Sunday Last day to ship with 2 Day Shipping

2.11 Monday Last day to ship Overnight

+ Place order by 10 a.m. CST to meet expedited shipping times

+ Based on shipping within the United States

+ P.O. Boxes cannot receive expedited shipping

+ Dates account for 3-5 business days for warehouse fulfillment


Monday, February 11th - Corporate Webinar 7pm MST - find link in back office on Monday

Tuesday, February 12th - Local Hoot Huddle Meeting in Tempe, AZ - local AZ designers should have received email invite from director Kristine Stevens. If you didn't please contact me at jodiocken@gmail.com

Sunday, February 17th - Team Call by direct to corporate Director Kristine Stevens

5:45 pm MST - NEW DESIGNERS - Back Office/O2Loop Training

6:30 pm MST - EVERYONE

Must dial into call at (805) 399-1000; Access Code: 200578#

If want to view screen, click here

Screen Sharing

Enter for chance to win ticket to ANNUOWL Conference or your Hotel Stay for the Conference in July...

Anyone on the entire Shining Jewels Team (that includes you!) that maintains $1,000 in Personal Volume (PV) during each month of February, March & April, will have their name put into a drawing for one of the two prizes! Remember, be consistent each month with $1000 PV and you may WIN BIG!!! For more information see Shining Jewels' Team December Newsletter or reach out to your mentor.

Dream Designers "Light the Fire Under Your Business" Call

Join us on this FREE Motivational call with Peak Power Coach, Alishia Willardson...

When: Wednesday, February 27th at 7:00pm MST

It really will "Light the Fire Under Your Business for 2013" During this call you will learn to:
-Get out of your own way
-Stop Making excuses
-Get you to take action NOW
-Create your success blueprint for 2013 & MORE!
If that sounds like what you're looking for and you're ready to "Have FUN & Make it HAPPEN" then this is one call you won't want to miss! Click on the link and register below. You will receive the call information 24 hours prior to the call.

Register: http://www.lightyourfire1.eventbrite.com/
Password: powerup

Dream Designers Team Facebook Group

Please invite all of your team members to our Facebook group so they can stay in the know of upcoming things going on. Thank you!


Check out this document for links to prior team newsletters, corporate webinars, FAQ document and more: