Principal's News

Week 10 Term 2

Almost there .....

I tried to embed "the Star Spangled banner" into this weeks creation just to be annoying but good news for you, I couldn't get it to work.

A big thank-you to our campers, Denise, Heidi, Belinda and Nicole. From the reports I have heard it was a great experience for our students and also the attending parents. The weather was damp but not a 'stopper' ( which is also part of the reason that we take dad's along with us). I'm looking forward to seeing some of the highlights in the newsletter.


Yay! They're done and almost dusted. Just a few little fix-ups this week and they will be on their way home. You have all set yourselves up for some great conversations with our parents in the last week of school.

Some of our children, a surprising number, should be congratulated on having no absences in this half of the year. There are others who just simply need to get to school on time. We might need to have a big push in regard to this.

Please go back and have a look to make sure that all is as it should be. Make sure the pics match the name and that you are happy with the placement of dots. Pick a couple of pertinent points for discussion, sign it and seal it. Complete!

Final reminders .....

  • Security - hide it, lock it away, cover it up, pull the blinds and bolt the doors
  • A big tidy up before the holidays please. If you have resources tucked away in your room, get them back into their rightful home
  • Don't let the kids return your resources because they will never be put on the right shelf
  • Ventilate and heaters OFF if you are not in the room
  • As always, look happy :) and fool everyone

No-one realises how good it is to travel until he comes home to rest his head on an old familiar pillow. Chinese saying