Mining at its finest

By: Steven Guitano

Types of Mining

Surface Mining: mining method that is used to mine coal near the surface

Sub-Surface Mining: the extraction of minerals and ores from underground


in surface mining the minerals are taken out close to the surface while subsurface mining is when the material is found further done in the earth.

Surface Mining

Surface mining which is also called strip-mining, takes the rock and the sediment or minerals from the surface and take it out of the ground

Subsurface Mining

Minerals and other sediments may be found very deep underground so subsurface mining is a way where u can find items you couldn't find on the surface

Effects on the Environment

  • Subsurface mining can create harmful chemicals and acids
  • Surface mining can be destructive and it can leak poison
  • The coal if it gets washed out can hurt fish and plants
  • it cause dust pollution

Land Drilling vs. Ocean Drilling

The production both of them had to face were location, money and economical. The oil that has got into the ocean effected wildlife and the physical location affected the way they drilled.
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Fracking- the process of drilling down into the earth while water, sand and dirt being inserted into a rock

Environmental effects:

  • contamination of ground water
  • air pollution
  • waste disposal

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