It's ON like Donkey Kong!

March 29, 2019

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TGIF Dearest 1st Impressions Team!

  • Who's waking up from winter?
  • Who's ready to make some money, earn FREE product credit in April, and have some fun?
  • Who's ready to CRUSH the SOUTHEAST with our grit & gusto for bragging rights AND a potential team call with Jessica or Danielle?
  • Scroll below for details and let's do this!

Awwww YEAAAAAA! It's ON ladies!!!

The entire East region has been split in two for a BOOKING BATTLE and it kicks off TODAY!!! Contest runs from 3/29 - 4/7.

We are officially team NORTHEAST (even if you don't live in the northeast, you are on this team for this battle) and I'm ready to take southeast DOWN!

Who's with me?!

I'll be posting video tips from the all the east coast team leaders on our 1st Impressions Team Facebook Page and will email in case you're not on that page so you can find the inspiration you can relate to and work the action around.

I'll be tracking our trunk show numbers from reports so you don't need to do anything other than BOOK BOOK BOOK and then enter those babies into the lounge.

WHEN the northeast wins, the top booking team gets a special call with Jessica Herrin and the second runner up gets a call with Danielle Redner - so either way it's a win/win!

I'm ready to blow this thing up - who's with me?!!!



Also, your MONDAY MOTIVATION Lineup!

Join our team for one of these Monday night zooms:

1. New Stylist Training at 8PM EST

This call is for you if:
* You are a new Stylist
* You have sponsored a New Stylist (jump on with her)
* or if you are ready for a refresher and to relaunch your Business.


2. Power Booking Hour at 8PM EST:

Join Samantha Ballard for an hour of power! This week we will focus on booking and provide you with tips, words to say, time for reach outs and to take action. Everything is more fun with friends, so let's book up April together.


New England Teammates: Come join us to see the newest Summer Collection before you sample!!

These will be perfect opportunities for you to bring your potential hostesses & stylists!

Just invite them casually to join you for a glass of wine and to give them a fun sneak peek at our summer collection. Once there, they'll get a fun glimpse of our amazing community and will no doubt want to get many looks for free!

Bring your calendar and your MOJO to share our opportunity!

Metrowest Boston, Monday, 4/1:

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Southshore Boston, Tuesday, 4/2:

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Nashua, NH, Wednesday., 4/3:

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Teammates in other parts of the country, I'm coming for YOU next! Look out for an email from me :)

Enjoy your weekend and have your 30 second commercial ready to share!



Founding Star Director