broadcast yourself


the creators are steve chen , chad hurley, and jawed karim who are former paypal workers left paypal to make a video sharing webste they created the whole website like a regular website then adding video sharing into the website

were they created it

they created it in san bruno, california

what year they created it

2005 so youtube has ben around for 10 years

why they created it

to share videos with people around the world

progression first step and second step

they made it a reagular website second step they make so they can download videos

third and fourth step

the youtube makers made it that some youtubers (the users who sign up and post videos) money for the amount of subs they have step four they sold it to google for 1.5 billion dollars
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So that people can connect and share pieces of strangers lives


Reason 1 the sharing of personal videos reason2 the amount of videos posted reason 3 and how the fans react and talk with the you tubers

Chad Hurley

Born January 24 in reading Pennsylvania went to Indiana university head workers of mixbit which is a YouTube but does the video editing , music for u and hold the award for PGA vanguard award

Jawed Karim

Born October 28 1879 in merseburg , Germany and went to university of llinois Urbana champaign / Stanford

Steve Chen

Born august 18 1978 in Taipei , Taiwan went to university of llinois Urbana champaign


Best seller and most important product is videos

The product is marketed to specific interests to get you tubers subs and viewsviews

Fun facts 4

1. If there was no paypal no YouTube because the creators are form paypal

2. YouTube got sued for using the title YouTube because other site said it was to close to utube

3. The first video was at San Diego zoo

4. You tube pulls pranks on users every April fool day in 2007 when rickroll came out