Paulina Serrano

Cancun , Mexico

Getting There

To get to our beautiful destination to Cancun , Mexico my friend Destani and myself will start by traveling from Denver , Colorado to Charlotte and all also to Miami , Florida and finally to our destination where we will enjoy the grand beach on Cancun and other electrifying adventure . While finally getting our dream vacation we will enjoy every thing that Cancun can offer !

Where to Stay

Destani and myself were looking for a sepectacular 5 star hotel we never thought we would be pleased with anything else but we of course we were proven wrong , the Hyatt Regency Hotel is just 4 stars but looked alot better than some 5 stars to be truthful and the few 5 stars that were good looked like they belonged in England, while the Hyatt is full of light it will brighten your day and trip it practically is yelling "Cancun !!" .|pcrid|37245748295|pkw|%2Blonely%20%2Bplanet|pmt|e&affil=SEM_lpcom-google-us


The great vacation we planned will start very lifeless we will start ...unpacking but then afterwards will be able to enjoy our selves, we will of course go shopping ( Destani begged ) and have lively nights as well we will be going to Wet n' Wild Cancun , Go-Kart racing , A great Hummer Jungle Tour, and of course A Spa Day and two whole days on the beach where else could we enjoy Cancun's Beach ?!|16920|activity%20in%20cancun||S|e|8844563084


Our biggest problem was transportation we had to get to the hotel an be able to get around my ourselves without getting a cab we had to rent a car it was not as expensive as we thought it would be it was very affordable for us considering we had it for about 10 days we thankful had a great deal to help with our little problem.|16920|activity%20in%20cancun||S|e|8844563084


We had a fabulous trip and I am so glad I went with Destani it was a great expierience we our friendship grew stronger while having to face problems and organize a trip we have both wanted since we were 12 it was great to be able to hold on to a dream and accomplish it I have other dreams and they are on there way to accomplishment and they will be just as great as this dream, now that I checked this off my list I will be off and see what other things I can do. I never thought this trip would be as great as it was but as I was proven it was better than I could ever imagen.

About the Traveler

My name is Paulina Serrano and I have always had a love for the mayan culture and history , I have always been curious for many years and have been very fasinated by the great accompishments of their community.

HIstory and Culture

Cancun is located on the Yucatán Peninsula , it was once a unknown island unknown to the world. Its name 'Cancun' says nothing about of its history or culture. It is a very good tourist place .