K-04's Classroom Newsletter

September 9, 2013

A Successful First 2 Days!

The first two days flew by! We spent most of our time together getting to know one another and our classroom. We spent time learning how to pack and unpack, walk in the hallways, use the cafeteria, and all the amazing things we can do with crayons. We thought of 13 different things we can do with crayons!! Ask your student about some of them.

The First Full Week of Kindergarten

As we enter our first full week of kindergarten we will naming our turtles, and learning how we use our reading writing and math centers within the classroom. We will also be developing our hopes and dreams for the school year to come.

Science, Art, Music and P.E. will all begin this week. Be sure to ask your student about Specials!

Growing Up Green Updates & Reminders

Healthy Snack Policy:

This is a reminder that we have a healthy snack policy at Growing Up Green. Please refer to your handbook for the list of approved healthy snacks. This policy applies to special day/birthday celebrations and publishing parties. Goodie bags are also not allowed for special day celebrations.

School Uniform:

All students should be dressed in our approved polo colors with school logos attached (placed on left-hand side). Boys should be in plain colored khaki pants and girls in khaki skorts or pants. All sweaters should be navy blue with logo attached. Students out of uniform will receive a uniform referral for inappropriate uniform. Please call the main office with any questions.

Morning Meeting:

Families are always welcome to participate in our classes Morning Meeting.

A class website is in the works! Keep your eyes open for more information.

Teacher Contact Information

Mrs. Demato demato@gugcs.org or Ms. Rome rome@gugcs.org