Help Wanted: President of The U.S

Please Contact Maria Eleta if Interested

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  • Native-born United States Citizen
  • Be at least 35 years old
  • Must live in the United States for 14 years to apply

Duties and Roles of the President of the United States

  • Make sure all laws are carried out efficiently
  • Make sure that Government is run effectively
  • Head of the Executive Branch
  • Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces
  • Responsible for the Execution and Enforcement of the laws created by Congress
  • Responsible of Foreign Policy (makes treaties with other countries and appoint ambassadors)

Benefits of the PRESIDENT!

  • receives UNLIMITED staff
  • live in the White House (includes: movie theater, bowling alley, pool, tennis and basketball courts, etc.)
  • use of Air Force One - a private airplane, the President receives his/her own suite with bedroom, bathroom, office, and workout area
  • security for life (even after term)
  • salary of $400,00 per year