Saunders County 4-H Smore

June 30, 2017

In this week's Smore...

  1. Saunders County Fair Online Pre-entry- DUE SATURDAY, JULY 1!
  2. Additional Summer Workshops
  3. Fremont 4-H Expo
  4. Superintendents still needed for SCF
  5. Saunders County Health Fair Information
  6. Video Cat Showmanship Contest
  7. Waggin Tails Dog Club Meetings
  8. Saunders County Shooting Sports Practice
  9. Poultry Calendar Photo Contest
  10. Family & Consumer Science Quiz
  11. Statewide 4-H Opportunities
  12. Rain Barrel Silent Auction Fundraiser
  13. Calendar
  14. Other Opportunities

Fair Online Pre-Entry - DUE SATURDAY, JULY 1!

The Saunders County Fair Pre-Entry process is now open! These will be due JULY 1, 2017! THIS IS SEPARATE FROM THE ANIMAL ID SHEETS FILLED OUT AND TURNED INTO OUR OFFICE JUNE 15!

What needs pre-entered?




Clover Kids

Dairy - Cattle & Goats










ATV Driving

Best Dressed Critter

Fashion Show

Favorite Foods

Ice Cream Rolling Contest

Shooting Sports

Tractor Driving

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Fremont 4-H Expo


Please see and look under "Fremont 4-H Expo"


All entry forms are located on the website:


4-H members and FFA students can print off entry forms from the website. All Pre-entries due to

Lisa Poppe

1206 W 23rd Street

Fremont, NE 68025

  • 4-H FAVORITE FOODS DAY pre-entries are due postmarked by, June 26, 2017.
  • 4-H SHOOTING SPORTS CONTEST pre-entries are due, postmarked by, June 26, 2017.
  • 4-H KING & QUEEN CONTEST materials and applications are due to: Dodge County Extension Office 1206 W 23rd Street, Fremont, NE 68025 by June 19, 2017.

4-H STATIC EXHIBITS will be entered at the Fremont 4-H Fair during Entry/Check-in Day -- on Wednesday, July 12 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. AND/OR Thursday, July 13 from 7:30 – 8:30 a.m.

Doors will close promptly at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 13

And will remain closed until judging is completed.

  • (Citizenship & Civic Education, Clover buds Exhibits, Communications & Expressive Arts, Consumer & Family Science, Environmental Education/Earth Science, Healthy Lifestyles, Personal Development & Leadership, Plant Science, Science & Technology - Home Economics
Bring completed entry cards (one per exhibit/entry), (summary cards are no longer needed) on Entry/Check-in Day and present to the Check-in Table in Exhibit Area.

4-H ANIMAL EXHIBITS will be entered at the specified Check-in of the particular department/species. Refer to “Schedule of Events” and/or to the specific department/species information in this premium list. Some livestock shows have changed dates and time so please check.

Entry cards must be filled out for each class entered by each exhibitor. Bring completed entry cards and animal identification sheets and/or registration papers (for registered animals) to the designated check-in table during the designated weigh time or check-in time for each species. Identification sheets and registration papers will be checked.

Superintendents Needed!

We are still needing some volunteers for the following superintendent rolls:

Sheep - 1 more

Horse - 2 more

Tractor -2 more

Life Skills - 1 more

Saunders County Health Fair

Information on Senior Health Fair, Know your Numbers, and the 2017 Vendor Registration Form!

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Waggin Tails Dog Club Meetings

The Waggin Tail Dog club will begin meeting on Sunday nights at 6:30 PM at the Saunders County Fair. Feel free to contact Sue Debois if you have more quetions!

Shooting Sports Practice

BB Gun & Air Rifle practice will start on MOnday, July 3 at 6:00 in the Commercial Building. Other practice dates include July 10th & July 17th. Any shooting sports members planning on entering the fair are welcome to participate.
Family & Consumer Science Quiz

This quiz is designed for 8-12 year olds (Older 4-H'ers are welcome to participate). The intent is to engage young people interested in family and consumer sciences in a challenging educational experience.

Friends of Saunders County 4-H and Extension Foundation Silent Auction Fundraiser

  • Rain Barrel Silent Auction Fundraiser
  • Each Club can make a rain barrel, potted arrangement, or any other outdoor decor to donate to the Silent Auction at the Fair!
  • Rain barrel is any above ground container modified to receive, store, and distribute rooftop runoff for non-drinking uses
  • Clubs can construct (or purchase pre-made barrels) to prime and paint them as well

**Rain Barrel Workshop

Saunders County 4-H Calendar


1 Saunders County Fair Online Pre-Entries Due(Opening May 15)

4 Independence Day - Office Closed

5-8 Fremont 4-H Fair, Christensen Field, Fremont

15 County Fair Clean-up Day, 9:30 am, Fairgrounds

16-20 St 4-H Horse Show & Expo, Fonner Park, Grand Island

18 4-H Fair Superintendent’s Meeting, 6 pm, Fairgrounds

19 4-H Council Meeting, 7:00 pm, ARDC

20 4-H Night at Rodeo, 8:00 pm, Fairgrounds

21-22 Rodeo, 8:00 pm, Fairgrounds

22 Favorite Foods Contest, 9:00 am, 4-H Building, Fairgrounds

22 Fashion Revue Judging, 1:00 pm, 4-H Building, Fairgrounds

23-30 Saunders County Fair

Other Opportunities





Saunders County Extension

Extension is a Division of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln cooperating with the Counties and the United States Department of Agriculture.

University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension educational programs abide with the nondiscrimination policies of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and the United States Department of Agriculture.