Updates from the West

Week of October 15-19

Week's Events

Monday, October 15
No Speech AM
Rummel Out - CC Workshop - Sick Calls to Dale

Tuesday, October 16
7:30 - Groezinger Post Observation
8:15 - K12 (Rummel, Graber, Nelson)
1:00 - Time on Task (Brand)
2:20 - PLC Meeting
3:30 - Intro to iPads Academy (repeat for those that did not make the first class)

Wednesday, October 17
Grades due in Skyward for Report Cards
Rummel Out AM - Principal's Meeting with C. Koch - Sick Calls to Dale
AM PK Class Field Trip - No PM PK
2:20 - Problem Solving NB (Steiger)
2:40 - Problem Solving KL (Brand)

Thursday, October 18
Nurse Out
PM PK Class Field Trip - No AM PK
7:40 - IEP (Graber, Bertram)
10:45 - Technology Lesson (Dale)

Friday, October 19
Nurse Out
Report Cards Go Home
Rummel Out PM (Reading Recovery Transport)
9:00 - Staffing (Joos, Higgins, Payne, Nesby, Bertram)
10:00 - Planning Meeting (Nelson, Belton, Payne, Higgins, Nesby)

Teachers Change Lives 24/7 Chapter 4

District Goal 3 School Climate

  • Always try to provide a positive environment for all students, remembering that students who are not self-motivated need more pep talks and more inspiration.
  • Stress vocabulary. Some students simply don't understand what some basic words mean. Don't ask general questions like, "Does everyone understand?" Instead, ask, "Who can explain what this word means?"
  • Never, never, never criticize the student; only criticize their behavior.
  • Never say "Shut up." Never. Not even to a dog. It doesn't fit in the vocabulary of an educational professional.
  • Send positive notes about specific good behaviors to the student (e.g., post-it notes, mail, etc.)
  • If you administer punishment, make sure it is appropriate to the crime. If you aren't sure, ask a peer.
  • Never embarrass a student in front of the class. It can draw battle lines.
  • Never punish the whole class for what one student has done.
  • Don't discipline by putting a student in the hall. Remember that kids in the hall are not being properly supervised. Being sent to the hall is public embarrassment.
  • It's better to teach good behavior than to punish bad acts.
pages 27-29

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