Catch a Falling Star

Author Kim Culbertson (Romantic) (Drama)

Book Reviews

You will be falling in love with this amazing book. Cater Moon isn't the type of girl that falls over stars like her friend Chloe dose. When famous movie star Adam Jake's arrives to film a Christmas movie Carter is asked to be his pretend girlfriend. The only reason she does this is to get money to help pay off your brothers gambling debts. Carter has to keep her fake relationship with Adam a secret from her friends Chloe and Alien Drake. As the days go by and she gets closer to Adam Jake's she doesn't know if his feelings are real and she finds herself falling for him. Is he just acting or is he for real.

I really enjoyed reading Kim Culbertson's book. She was very descripted and I was able to form lots of pictures in my head through reading. There were lots of highs and a few lows of this book. The highs were that she had lots of foreshadowing and made me questioning at every end of a chapter. She also made a protagonist teenage girl different from normal girls. I especially loved the very end of the conclusion, I felt really joyful and warm inside when the protagonist realized what he had to do. The lows were that there were some loose ends still needed to be tied, and that the book needed to develop some more characters.

If I where to rate this book out of 10 I would give it an 8, Why?. Because I think girls around 11 to 14 would love to read a excellent heart warming book. This book personally was a great book for me and I do not regret reading it. If you enjoy a favorable Romance/drama book then I suggest reading Kim Culbertson "Catch a falling star".



Carter Moon isn't some normal 18 year old girl. She lives in her small town called Little California, but you would think she has big dream to move to a city one day, "well your wrong". Cater Moon loves being a nobody and living small. As the book went on Carter started to change from going to nothing to front cover of a magazine. At the end of the book Carter started to figure out who she was her true self. I liked how Carter was very funny and didn't care what other people thought of her. The last thing I loved about her was she kept following her heart.
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At the start of the book movie actor Adam Jakes was ,rude, abnoxious, selfish, and full of him self. He payed more attention to his cell phone then to the person he was talking too, and he was more worried about his image then being his self. Fortunately Adam jakes got more better as the book progress, and started feeling more him self. At the end he was more of the good guy then the rude and abnoxious one. He was definitely a changing character through out the book.

Moments of Impact

My favorite parts of the story

There where lots of great parts in this book but one of my favorite parts was when I made a connection. I particularly liked the scene where Carter, Adam, Chloe, and Alien Drake were sitting on the roof star gazing. Kim Culbertson's made it so descriptive I felt like I was up on the roof myself gazing at the stars too. Another great part was a build up of the excitement not knowing what was going to happen next when Carter and Adam were fighting at a party. My absolute favorite part was at the end. I don't want to give too much away but when Adam left back to his regular Hollywood life, and Carter was back to being a small town nobody until... things changed.

The Pitch

What makes a book great

1.There are thousands and thousands of books but when you know what you like in a book it's not so hard to find a great book. A great book for me is when the author is descriptive and very easy to follow along with. A story defiantly has to have some suspense and a cliff hanger. I like a book with some humor and some romance and I prefer a happy ending.

2.This book is a perfect any time read, from Winter to Summer Fall and Spring. If you like to get cozy up by the fire over the holidays with a good book. Or maybe like a late night read with a descriptive book with some romance, comedy, drama, and suspense, I definitely recommend this book

3.I hope I convinced you enough that this book is a fantastic great read and you should consider reading it. If you did not like this book and it is not your type then I would say to go to a local library and find a great book perfect for you.