By: Anna Wicker

Your Destiny by God

In Theology, it means all events have been chosen by God.

" A consequence of our instinctive knowledge of God is that our own conscience condemns us when we fail to worship God or live devoutly."

Significance during Renaissance

Predestination reformed the church. Some people believe God not only pre-selects some people for salvation (Heaven), but he also pre-selects others for damnation (Hell). Others believed they should doubt the existence in God. Split some of the churches up due to believers of predestination and non-believers.

Main Contributor * John Calvin*

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Frequently asked question.

What did Jesus say about predestination?

For many are called, but few are chosen. (Matt. 22:14)

Predestination Misconceptions

Fate and Predestination (Some Misconceptions)