Friday Feature

News and Notes for the Madison Staff (3/6/15)

IMPORTANT Attendance Reminder

We've made several calls home lately to ask parents why their student is absent from school, but then find that the student IS at school and we merely marked the wrong student absent.

  • We're scaring parents by asking the whereabouts of kids that they have sent to school.
  • We're not accounting for the student who actually was absent.
  • We're putting doubt into the minds of parents that are entrusting us with their kids.

Please be VERY careful marking the attendance. I know such mundane, daily tasks can seem trivial, but this one isn't. Believe me, I'm sure I made the same mistake in my teaching years.

PARCC Schedule

  • All PARCC testing will occur the week of March 16-20, each morning.
  • Make-up testing will occur in the afternoons.
  • 3rd Grade will be testing first thing every morning and will be finished by 11:15AM.
  • 4th and 5th grade will be testing after PE and will be finished by 12:00PM
Ensuring a Positive Testing Experience

  • ALL GRADES: No outdoor recess during the AM that week.
  • No noise in LLC or main hallway.
  • No interruptions to testing classrooms during testing.

Dr. Schuler's Visit

Given the parameters of Dr. Schuler's availability and our busy schedule, unfortunately we had to schedule him in an after-school setting. So, I have cancelled our staff meeting that was scheduled for that morning. Please remember that Dr. Schuler's visit is optional and there is no formal presentation, more a time to interact and talk.

40 Bald Kids Coming Soon!

Mr. Grace has issued a challenge! If we raise $10,000 he will shave the head and beard!

  • Kids are currently bringing spare change or dollars to lunch to deposit into one of three voting jars: (1) Shave head, (2) shave beard, (3) shave both
  • I will begin my raffle next week, allowing students to win the chance to choose my "pre-shave" hair color, style. Last year, the winning student chose pink and orange.

Check out Chase, one of 5 St. Baldrick's Embassadors. He lives in Wheaton and will be here on March 20!

Important Dates

Mon, Mar 9: 4-5PM Primary reading resources (Park District)

Tue, Mar 10: 4-5PM Intermediate reading resources (Park District)

Wed, Mar 11: CANCELLED! 8:30AM Staff Meeting

Wed, Mar 11: PARCC Scribe Training

Wed, Mar 11: 10:30AM Primary Reading Incentive Game Show

Wed, Mar 11: 1:15PM Intermediate Reading Incentive Game Show

Wed, Mar 11: 3:40PM Dr. Schuler here (optional)

Mon, Mar 16: PARCC Testing begins

Wed, Mar 18: 8:30AM Staff Meeting

Thu, Mar 19: 12PM PTA Meeting

Fri, Mar 20: 2PM St. Baldrick's Day

Mon, Mar 23: 8:30AM MIT Meeting

Tue, Mar 24: PARCC Make-Up Deadline

Wed, Mar 25: 8:30AM Staff Meeting

Thu, Mar 26: 2:30PM 1980's at Madison Assembly

Wed, Apr 22: Edison Step-Up Day

Fri, May 22: EMD