Edgar Allan Poe

How did he grow into the well-known, mysterious poet?

So what caused this (in)famous poet to become the man he became?

Edgar Allan Poe has always been regarded as being dark and mysterious. A person isn't born like this, so what happened in his life to cause him to revolve around a melancholy state of mind? How hard was his life? What traumatic experiences threw Edgar in lifelong states of depression? And further so, what brought up the (in)famous Edgar Allan Poe?

edgar's birth

Thursday, Jan. 19th 1809 at 5:15pm

Boston, MA, United States

Boston, MA


Edgar's life was indeed hard from the start. He was the third child born into a poor family of actors. David Poe jr. was a drunk and a gambler, so that left Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe to take the role as the prime moneymaker of the family. While being pregnant with Edgar, Elizabeth couldn't perform, so the family went into debt. Immediately after being born, his parents decided that they couldn't take care of Edgar. He was sent to live with Mr. and Mrs. John Allan. John and Edgar had quite the love-hate relationship. John Allan made a hearty amount of money, so Edgar grew up in a stable home with a good education.

Education and school life

Edgar started off in a quality school with a good education and eagerness to learn. John Allan said that Edgar was a straight-a student with good work initiative. After graduation Edgar was enrolled in the University of Virginia. Soon after going into college, though, Edgar began to have trouble. Edgar claimed that John Allan hadn't given him enough money for books or proper housing. He began to drink excessively, went bankrupt, and is said to have had a drug problem. Edgar was soon kicked out of college.

His famous writing

Edgar Allan Poe's writing style was obviously unique. He took his bad experiences and used them to shape his dark style of writing. Many other poets and writers were inspired by his dark writings and the intensity of his written word. Edgar is also said to be the father of the detective story. His ideas in "The Murders In The Rue Morgue" inspired many mystery novels that are loved today.

He began to write when he was around thirteen and continued to do so as a way for an internal man to express what he felt.

In 1831, he went to New York City to attempt to get poetry published. The first stories he submitted to a magazine were rejected. None of his writing really took off until he got a job as an editor of a newspaper in 1835. He got the job after winning a contest with his story: " The Manuscript in a Bottle." After being noticed, his works started to become hits. and although a lot of his poetry was very popular, not one will be more remembered than "The Raven," written in 1845.

Interesting Facts

Edgar fell in love with and married his 13-year-old cousin, Virginia, (below) when he was 27.

When he first wrote "The Raven," he assumed that it wouldn't get reads because no one could relate to it. As it turns out, people interpreted the meaning according to what they were going though, and loved it.

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Edgar's death was one of the most mysterious things about him. He was found delirious on the streets of Baltimore on October third. He was rushed into a hospital where he was incapacitated for four days. He wants conscious, so know one ever found out what was ailing him or why. He died in his hospital bed on October seventh, 1849. Many theories exist as to why he died, such as drugs, suicide, murder, or specific diseases. One thing's for sure, though, Edgar ended his mysterious, dark life on an equally dark and mysterious note.

Elizabeth Poe's death

Sunday, Dec. 8th 1811 at 9pm

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Boston, MA

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