Elijah McCoy

A famous inventor

The main idea of why he is famous...

A famous inventor, Elijah James McCoy, invents a lubricator used for steam engines that does not require the train to stop.

A famous quote that people say:

"The real McCoy" -To call something (or someone) "the real McCoy" means that it (he/she) is the "real thing", and it is not fake.

Eliajh's Inventon

McCoy's parents were slaves who escaped from Kentucky to Canada. McCoy was born in Canada, later moving with his family to Ypsilanti, Michigan. When he was fifteen, his parents sent him to school in Scotland. In Scotland, Elijah studied mechanical engineering, a job that had interested him from the time he was little. Returning home, McCoy was unable to find work as a mechanical engineer, so he went to work for the Michigan Central Railroad as a fireman. His job included lubricating engine parts. Engines needed frequent lubrication, and each time, the trains had to be stopped and started. McCoy was convinced there was a better way and invented his automatic lubricator.
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