Primary Update

Monday 31 March


Year 1 team for organising the activity and “Pizza Night’. Such a big deal for 5 year olds and an absolute hive of excitement. Thank you for all your preparation and enthusiasm on the night.

Primary Production team…so much is happening in the background in preparation for the LWW…Not long now. Thank you Frank, Terry, Leanne, Tanya, Nicole, Jonathan, Adam and numerous staff helping to prepare for this big event.

the Year 1 Admission team…Sarah, Kristy, Jonathan, Leanne, Shann, Matt, Lyn, Donna, Derry, Monica, Christian, Bob, Kristi and Pam….75, four year olds in one day…Phew! Awesome team work.

….Debbie T for the work you did in the background to organize over 90 staff who attended the Chinese Inset day Thur. From all reports, inspiring and provoking speakers and lots of new ideas as a result.

….Michael and Terry for organizing and supporting the performing Arts Day at Kowloon Fri. Over 20 of our students showcasing drama, Music and VA.

Feedback for PLT

Thank you to those who were able to share their feedback. The key themes that came through and affirmed the things that are going well included appreciation of ongoing feedback, PD opportunities, feeling supported to take on new challenges and valuing contributions of individuals and groups.

Staff well being and work load were the two key themes for consideration as we move forward.…we will have time at one of our staff meetings to look at this in greater depth.

For those of you who did not get an opportunity to respond. Please come and chat to anyone of us. We would welcome your thoughts.

Thank you again for your feedback.

Other bits of information....

Maureen O'Rourke is back with us Mon and Tue. Her main focus is helping build mentor capacity which will support teacher inquiries.

New Term 3 Timetable: Term 3 Timetable (draft) has been emailed out. Please check it and let me know by Tue if you see any anomalies. It is a completely different timetable to accommodate the Yr 1-3 swimming programme.

Timetable changes to assist in preparation for LWW has been sent out. Please check what impact it may have on your classes.

Student Led Conferences – Week 2 after break. Letters will go home to parents next Monday and bookings will be open next Monday April 7.

Have a happy week everyone...