sydney opera house

The Iconic Sydney Opera House in Australia

The most popular landmark of Australia is the Sydney Opera House. The sydney opera residence is one of the most iconic structures on earth. It was constructed by a Danish designer called Jorn Utzon. This is a multi venue performance center developed to perform tasks related to art. The Sydney Opera House was stated as world heritage site by UNESCO in June, 2007. It is among the newest structures to be consisted of in the world heritage site list.

The Residence has an unique design of successive concrete shells arising from the center and pointing to the top. Concrete piers of about 25 meters are sunk below the structure to form your house's foundation. The roof was covered with 1,056,000 glossy white and cream colored tiles and if you look at your home from a distance then you will see it as consistent white. The construction of the building was recommended in the 1940s when the then Director of the Songs conservatorium wanted a correct venue for the musical shows. The existing Sydney city center had a limited capacity for the individuals and hence Goossens who was the director of music at that time appealed for a larger songs home.

In September, 1955 there was a competition held in order to decide the final design of your home. The hall must be large sufficient to accommodate 3000 individuals and another little hall at the side with an ability of 1200 seats. In 1957 the winner was revealed as Jorn Utzon. The architect came and remained in Sydney from 1957 in order to look over the task. He also moved his workplace to Sydney so that he could manage the task.

At that time there was a fort called Macquarie at that website. The fort was damaged in order to accommodate the Residence. The entire project included three phases where developing the upper podium was the first stage of the project. The second stage included the building of the outer shells while the third stage consisted of the interior decoration. The first stage would cost around 5.5 million dollars, the 2nd phase would cost 12.5 million dollars and the last phase would cost 82 million dollars. The task was completed in 1973 and the original budget plan had actually overshot itself by 10 years and 14 times the initial spending plan set in terms of cash.

The Opera Home was officially opened by the Queen of Australia and Queen Elizabeth II on 20th October 1973. For strange reasons the designer was not invited for the ceremony an even his name was not revealed. People could see the live telecast on TV and there were a great deal of fireworks in the sky. Even today Sydney has the distinction of the finest fireworks receive the world every New Year's eve. The designer died in November, 2008 however before that he had actually recommended a significant reconstruction of your house in 2007. The Opera House underwent repair works in November 2009. Today the Sydney Opera House holds about 1,500 musical efficiencies every year.

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