Boom Beach

The Best Way to Protect Guide

Headquarters in the back

If they destroy your headquarters, they destroy you.

Some like to put economy buildings around in front of the base to distract troops while your defenses fire upon them. Others like to Put all their economy buildings in back to prevent the enemy to get extra gun boat energy. Personally, I like to put economy buildings in the front to distract the enemy, but that's just me.

Arrangement of Buildings

This is a section that has to be perfected. Your defenses can not be touching, or else the enemy can double hit your buildings with artillery, taking out two buildings instead of one, but if you spread them out too much the enemy can easily go around and avoid a lot of your defenses. If you only spread them out by one or two tiles, they can shock bomb 5-6 of your buildings at once, meaning your defenses can't attack. This part of the base truly has to be perfect or it will get raided a lot.

Statue placement and choice

The Best Statues and Why

The best statues to build in the game are Ice Statues, they boost your base buildings health or damage output. This is the best for a few reasons. If you are trying to get as high in victory points as possible, Ice Statues will reduce how many times you get raided, meaning you won't lose those victory points from getting raided. Also, if you are saving up for a upgrade or a building, Ice Statues will help you not get raided so you don't lose resources in that way.

All Bases Get Raided

No base is invincible. Even bases with 10 boosted up Ice Statues still get raided. There is no way to defend against everyone, although with a good base it can be rare.