April High School Reading Updates

Welcome to Spring!

Volume of Reading Matters: No April Foolin'!

I hope you all had a wonderful spring break full of rest and relaxation, and I hope you had a chance to enjoy a few great reads. As we head into the home stretch, I encourage you to continue to support students with an increased volume of texts, including exposure to tier II complex texts with practice writing in response to reading.

PLEASE complete this short survey to help us plan forward for curriculum resources for next year and summer professional development. THANK YOU!

Data Drivers to Note for the Home Stretch

End of Year Level Set:

  • Window opens May 6th. You are welcome to change the date to better meet the needs of your students and school site. Please let me know if you do decide to change the date.
  • You may have noticed that Achiee3000 is no longer keeping a threshold, meaning that with each levelset students may dip well below their Lexile level if they do not put forth the effort on the assessment. It is critical to stress the importance of this final opportunity for students to show how much they've grown.

Growth Update from our Midyear Report with Achieve3000:

  • Students completing at least 40 activities exceeded the expected Lexile growth by an average of 31 points.
  • Students scoring 75% or higher on activities exceeded the expected Lexile growth by an average of 69 points.
  • Students completing at least 40 activities with an average 1st try of 75% or hiher exceeded their expected Lexile growth by 100 points!
  • Only 30% of students have logged into the career center and chosen a top career choice. If you haven't done this with your students, please do so as you conference with students about their growth performance the first week of April. This is a great opportunity for students to not only see where they are in relation to where they need to be for their career choice, but also an opporutnity for them to get a better understanding of career options in our community. This could also be a fantastic research and inquiry project for the end of the year.
  • 56% of our students have logged in after school hours! I'd like to know your thoughts about including these activities in their growth data for next year.

School Highlights

Technology Tidbits

A few awesome resources you should check out if you haven't yet:


  • This site allows students to create video "selfies" to communicate what they've learned.


  • This site helps students create books online that include links, voice-overs, etc. Free for up to 45 books

Immersive Reader

  • This is an option you can enable on office 365 that will allow students to change the font to support students with dyslexia and/or dysgraphia, translate a text into multiple languages and allow for students to listen to the text in a variety of languages

Save the Date!

Don't forget to mark your calendar for the following summer learning opportunities:

June 17-21 World Class Learning Institute (participants will be paid to attend)

July 29-8/1 Together We Learn

May 1-End of Summer: Reading Endorsement courses open in myPGS on May 1

Please let me know if you have any questions about these opportunities or would be interested in facilitating a session at Together We Learn.