My Infinity G-37

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My dream car

I am just a High School student buying my first car! Of course I'm going to get the best of the best, which is of course the Infinity G-37! 2door, V6 just raw power

Car Payments!

For me to be able to drive this car I obviously have to purchase it, right? I decided to do a down payment of 10% of $32,988 , which lead me to $3,298. Not to bad right? Well the payments for 48 months is $699.99 , doesn't seem to reasonable now does it?

Now It was time for me to get car insurance. I went with Geico, because it was cheaper and more benefits. My insurance payment a month is $477.55. .

Woo! I'm so close to being on the road, all I need to do now is get registered, since I am an independent it will cost $62.00.

Extra car stuff

Now I have to think of all the up keep and gas. For the general upkeep for a year I would have to get an oil change 7 times a year , an average oil Change is $35 dollars, so for the year it would come to $245.

My infinity takes regular gas! Gas right now is about $3.63. Since my car takes an average 20-23 miles a gallon and the average miles driven a year is 21,000 that makes me pay around $3,545.60 a year.

And any other car needs is expected to pay $300.

All money

So, after adding everything up, my total for one year would be $17,923.08

For one month it all added up to be $1,493.59 .

This is just ridiculous haha.