Ship of Fire

by Michael Cadnum (2003)

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Michael Cadnum

Being born in 1949, Michael grew up to turn into an American novelist and poet. He has wrote many books for all ages, adults, teens, and children. He published the Ship of Fire in 2003, Michael has received awards for other books, and received the National Endowment for the Arts fellowship for his poetry.

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Main Conflict

From the very beginning Sir Francis Drake had his sights of seizing the Spanish port of Cadiz. And after getting a full crew, including the main character Thomas Spyre, he set sail on the Elizabeth Bonaventure. After several problems on the way, they finally arrive and conquer the port.
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This book was very intriguing, especially when the crew encountered an enemy ship. The sounds of the canons, and the ship rattling with every shot fired. The visual images and sound the author gives to you helps create the best Pirates of the Caribbean movie you can imagine.
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Historical References

The story takes place on the actual Elizabeth Bonaventure which was the actual name of the ship, that carried Sir Drake into battle at the Port of Cadiz. Sir Francis Drake being a real war hero, this book revolves around him as he serves with his crew in the war of England against Spain. And finally the Port of Cadiz is located in Spain where they had their fleet resting in the harbors waiting to be demolished.
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This was good book to read because not only it contains historical events of the war that was going on but it had an interesting plot with fictional characters thrown in there to create a heroic story about a boy who turns into a man through war. You should read this book because it has a really vivid author who can paint the book into your mind as a movie with the details he uses and how he wrote this wonderful book.