Where Is Middle Earth?

Provence, France!!!!


Provence is full of rock formations, hills, valleys, and mountains. Its gorgeous bright grasses cover rich colored soil. The people here speak french of course since this is France! Communities or artists and artisans live here, selling their handicrafts and paintings to tourists. This makes Provence the art "mecca" in all of Europe.


Provence has amazing mountains and valleys to serve as the Lonely Mountains. It has forests of green and according to many articles, has a bright landscape. Snow visits Provence, showering over mountains. It gives Provence that summer-but-winter look, just like Middle Earth. It would be the absolute best Middle Earth because of the hills, valleys, rivers, and green of course! The landscape and terrain is almost exactly Middle Earth.

Middle Earth


Middle Earth is a place fully of beautiful lancape with mountains hills, rivers, and forests. All countries have that right? Maybe, but what makes Provence different is the style. Provence has a Middle Earth tone to it when you see it. The rocks and hills and grasses all take part in it. Middle earth is truly Provence for its landscape.


In summary because of the snowy mountains, green grasses and rock formations, Provence, France is the perfect Middle Earth. I wonder why the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit didn't take place in Provence, France.