Trip Pics

Middle School explores Our Nation's Capital

Student research on sites

As part of their preparation for the trip, students found "fun facts" and videos for various sights around Washington, D.C. which were mapped accordingly.

Day 1

After the plane ride and a short bus ride, students toured the Historic Jamestown Settlement in Jamestown, Virginia. We spent the night at the Woodlands Hotel.

Day 2

We spent the morning at Yorktown, learning what life was like for those living in an encampment. We explored Colonial Williamsburg in the afternoon.

Day 3

We biked all around Washington, D.C. today and saw a variety monuments and memorials.

Day 4

Played in the snow for an hour this morning then made our way to the Air and Space Museum (see below - they interviewed us while we we were there). Later in the day, students had a choice between a late afternoon walk around the monuments or activities back at the 4-H.

Day 5

Middle School students visited the Newseum - dedicated to the Freedom of Press - for the first time in Alcuin history. 8th Levels attended a class on "Covering a Catastrophe" while the 7th Levels attended a class entitled "You can't say that at school" (First Amendment). We each then took a somber journey through the Holocaust Memorial Museum in the afternoon. Riding the Metro at rush hour both in the morning and the afternoon was a unique experience for all. We enjoyed a pizza dinner and some time in the recreation area of the 4-H. Ready for another full day tomorrow!

Day 6

What a busy day! We spent the morning at "government" offices - the Capitol, Library of Congress and Supreme Court (our "make up" day for Monday's snow day). We all visited the Museum of Natural History. Then students chose to visit one of the following - American History, Air and Space, and the National Gallery of Art.

Day 7

Checking out of the 4-H. Morning at the National Zoo, lunch in a Chinese restaurant in Arlington, and a tour of the Arlington National Cemetery. Off to the D.C. National Airport for dinner and our trip home.