The world of the south.

By Nathan Bastian

Geography of the South.

The climate of the south had mild winters and long, hot, Humid summers. The Natural Features of the south. The southern shoreline from Chesapeake Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. The plains were dotted with swamps and marshes.

Economy of the South.

Most white Southerners worked their own small farms, plantation owner used slaves to grow such cash crops as tobacco, rice, sugarcane, and indigo. Europeans were unwilling to pay high prices for tobacco and rice, which they could purchase more cheaply from other British colonies. Using a cotton gin, a single worker could clean as much cotton as 50 laborers working manually, or by hand.

Some picture of transportation, Economy, Geography and Society of the South.

Here are two other parts of the South bolow.

Transportation and society of the south.

The Transportation of the South has cotton was the most important Southern product shipped by water. On plantation docks, slaves loaded cotton bales directly onto steam- powered riverboats.

The society of the South. Many Southern in 1860 still measure wealth in terms of land and slaves. Most white families owned some land, but only about one in four owned even one slave. The great majority of African Americans in the South were slaves. Some worked as cooks, carpenters, blacksmith, housed servants, or nursemaids.