President Jackson

The Jacksonian Democracy

The trail of tears

Jackson had made the Cherokee Indians move out from their home and walk to their new location across the Mississippi river. President Jackson had done this to add more land to the united states for his people to settle on and some of the people had found gold in their area.

Jackson and The Bank

Jackson had found that this bank (the united states bank) was killing him and that the common man had no saying or doing with this bank and that it was ruled by the rich people so Jackson sought to destroy the bank.

Jackson's Presidency

Questions asked about Jackson

Jackson was a neat president and he had been a very good one too. Jackson had been known as the common man president because he had served in the war of 1812 and had also gone from the rags to the riches. although he was the president he had done many things for the common man such as he closed a us bank because he thought that it wasn't helping out the common man witch they had been very great full. Jackson won both his terms because of the common man they had thought that he would help them out and he was their kind of president.