Legends behind computing


How did it all begin?

Are life is built around technology this leaflet we will introduce some of the things about computing like the legends behind computers and the internet; it will tell you everything you need to know. Computing has so many things you probably don't know, like routers MAN,WAN,LAN and there are a lot more.

Tim Burners Lee

Tim made WWW astonishing the whole world. The WWW is the page your on and what comes up when you search somthing.
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LAN:This is a local area network.This is used for schools homes and small areas.

MAN:This is a metropolitan area network. This is used for businesses,organisations,schools,shops and hospital.

WAN: this is a wide area network.this network goes all over the a big area.


What is LAN and WAN Video

The internet

The internet connects more than 190 computers all over the world. It is a globule network that provides communication facilities and information.
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