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School's started and it's a brand new year so why not make a New Year's Resolution to read for pleasure and challenge your family and friends to a 'Read Off! The Belvo Library is up and running so make a stop and see the new books we have for you. If you're not already members, definitely join your local public library. Take time to talk to each other about books/magazines/graphic novels to read and find out what we've put on as recommended books on the Belvedere Reads lists.

If you're still stuck for inspiration some of the sites below might help....

See also the Library blog on the life long benefits of reading for pleasure

Know your Shakespeare

Pretty much like cat videos, Shakespeare in every possible form is available for free on the internet. That said, for a 21st Century citizen, lines like 'prithee, keep up thy quillets' can furrow brows. He's the second most quoted writer in the English language so it's good to get to know him better. So. What's an English student to do? A good start is Shakespeare in Bits. This is a great new free app for making the work of the bard more digestible. You can listen to the play, see it and read it along with online translations. You can also build biographies of the characters. A very useful little app and you can see what the fuss is about here. A very different approach is taken by Thug Notes. Sparky Sweets PhD brings his gangsta and delivers summaries and analysis in a very unique style. Once you've heard Dr Sweets explain Hamlet you'll never ever forget it!

Britannica Online

All schools in the Republic of Ireland now have access to Britannica School via

There is a wide range of age-appropriate resources including detailed articles, multimedia and interactivity, it's suitable for everyone - students, teachers and parents - and can be accessed on any personal device including smartphones and tablets
Find out more about how to get the best from Britannica School by checking it out at, There is also a link to World Data Analyst for up-to-date global data and statistics.
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