4th Grade All Stars

November 15, 2013

Upcoming Events

November 19: OES Lazer Kraze night

November 19: 2nd quarter midterm ends

Movember 20: Heat, Light, and Sound test

November 22: Math test on measurement and decimals (probably!)

November 22: Biography timeline, quote and poem due

November 25: Skate Night at Fundome

November 26: Midterms go home

November 27-29: No School-Thanksgiving Break

Math and Science

Math-We have been working on decimals for the past few weeks. We will begin working on measurement (and converting measurement) next week. Please continue working on our math facts at home! Once students know all of their facts, we will move on to double digit multiplication. We will continue with timed tests throughout this year. Students do have the opportunity to take a previous fact test until the pass (20/25 correct) so keep studying!

Science- For the past few weeks we have been learning about thermal (heat) energy, light energy, and sound energy. We will have a test next week on these three forms of energy.

If you need a nonfiction book to read, find one on heat, light, sound, or stars and constellations!

NOTES: Students are able to correct any papers that they receive a 50% or less on. This includes homework and there is a note for them to correct and return. Many students have NOT taken advantage of this and their grades are low because of it. Please contact me if you are worried that your student does not make corrections when they could. I keep track!

Also: If students get their study guides (math AND science) signed by an adult showing that they ACTUALLY studied, then they will receive bonus points on their tests.


Mrs. Dailey's class does not have PE next week
Ms. Schreiner's class has PE on Wednesday.

Reading and Social Studies

Reading: Now that the students have all read and taken notes on their biography book, we are ready to start working on our project. We will be completing a file folder biography presentation that will have multiple components. Parts of the project will be completed at home and then edited and published at school. The students received a list of due dates for the components along with outlines to fill in. I also gave them examples of the quality of work I expect from them.

By Friday, November 22nd, the students need to turn in:
- their bio-poem outline page (we will write the final product in class)
- the timeline of five major events from their historical figure's life
- a famous quote that their figure said

I am giving the students an entire week to complete these three pieces. They can come to me at any time if they have questions or if they want to check and see if they are on the right track. They can also turn it in early!

Social Studies: We completed our explorers presentation and they were wonderful! Our next unit will be studying Economics.

Notes from the teacher

Mrs. Palmer's class is hosting their annual Thanksgiving food drive. If you have any canned goods you could donate, please send them in with your child. The winning class will receive a pizza party!