Down the Drain.

By;Cameron, Adrianna, Nyke & Tavion

Why is water quality important?

Water quality standard are standards are important because they help to protect and restore the quality of the of the nations surface waters consistent with the requirments of the clean water act.

What Do We Think About 'Down The Spout'

We think 'Down The Spout' could mean a couple of things but mostly means wasting water. We think people should try to save water. Why, because people are wasting more that 85 gallons of water. Some ways they could save water is by cutting water off when your brushing your teeth or washing the dishes.


The greatest way water is affected is by pollution.Pollution in drinking water causes a lot of deaths and many illness in urban countries throughout the world. The main source of freshwater pollution comes from the discharge of untreated wastes, agriculture fields, and industrial effluent. Some other examples that affect water quality is pesticides, sewage, nutrients, and synthetic organics.


The ways we can prevent lower water quality levels is to stop spraying so much pesticide and other poisons in our yards so it doesn't mix with our rivers and streams. we can also build barrier dams around industrial plants so that heavy metals don’t mix with our water. People can do many things to prevent pollution.

Protect The Water

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