Cotton-Top Tamarian

By: Emersen Poulin


Ooo, ahah! Here comes a really fluffy monkey swinging threw the trees. It has very long arms. When it eats it goes munch, munch! That's the sound of the cotton top tamarin eating plants, berries, and other animals. Come with me and you will see what the rain forest looks like. There is the cotton top tamarin swinging in the trees. This awesome animal spends most of its time in trees.

Appearance & Classification

The animal size is 18 cm to 30 cm. The cotton top tamarin weight is 220 g to 900 g like a Gaterade bottle. This awesome animal height is about the size of a small dog or a medium dog. The cotton top tamarin colors are black, white , brown and tan. Over its head is white. The cotton tamairn body is black, brown and tan. The animal skin cover is fur. The interesting body feature is his or her hair. It makes it look cute. This animal is a mammal. The cotton top tamarin goes in groups called a troop. Which means it goes in a group of cotton top tamairn.

Habitat Information

This awesome animal lives in Costa Rica , north-western Columbia and South America. The weather where the cotton top tamarin is hot, humid and rainy. The cotton top tamarin's homes are within the leaves , trees , other animals, and berries.

Preditor & Prey

The cotton top tamarin enemies are wild cats and dogs, birds and snakes. The cotton top tamarin finds its food in trees, and ground. The awesome cotton top tamarin is a omnivore.

Fascinating facts

1. The cotton top tamarin got it name from its forehead to nap and flows over his shoulders

2. Their backs are mostly black , brown.

3. Its top speed is 24 mph.

4. The cotton top tamarin life span is 8 to 15 years.


I hope you liked my report about the cotton top tamarin. Did you learn a lot? Oh no, I better leave before the cotton top tamarin swings by me.