By Sans the skeleton girl

Main Title

Hi everyone this is Sans the skeleton girl and this my first Smore flyer or "volg" I've ever made and favorite animal is a fox so why not do it about foxes! Well I think that's enough so I'll stop and let you read the flyer.


Fennekin is a pokemon that is so cute that I thought why not share it with you guys so here are some facts about fennekin. Fennekin is a fire type pokemon and is a stater pokemon

Fox Memes

There are a lot of fox memes out there but you gotta be careful and look up clean fox memes because there are inappropriate ones.

About me

One thing I like to do is make smores and watch movies.I also like to play video games and watch youtube like watching danger dolan. That's it for today hope you liked (read very fast) Have a good one!
Fennec fox babies take a bubble bath
Fox go FLOOF