Week of January 11

Building Successful Futures: Every Student, Every Day

Friday, January 15

Happy Friday!! What a nice day we had yesterday!! You will find a mission and vision paper in your mailboxes that you can hang in your rooms. It's nothing special just a regular piece of paper! I thought about laminating them but that would be a lot of laminating stuff! I do have 10 already laminated if you would rather have one of those!

Redmen Time Requests


Pail of Pride


Office Schedules

Lindsey - 12:15 Craig, 3:00 Jenna


L. Ball - M. Wohlgemuth

M. Hale - T. Walker

ISS - J. Funk

N. Stillwell - C. Underwood PM

Thursday, January 14

Office Schedules for the Day

Bryon - 11:45 Site Council

David - 1 Parent Meeting

Lindsey - 10 Tammy, 11:45 Site Council, 2:50 Sped Meeting


L. Ball - M. Wohlgemuth

M. Hale - T. Walker

ISS - J. Funk

L. Kaveler - L. Schrick

Article of the Week

"Learners are the Drivers" - http://connectedprincipals.com/archives/12196