2nd Semester Decision

October 28, 2020

2nd Semester Decision

Beginning today, October 28, 2020 Gwinnett parents and guardians may submit their decision about how their children will learn during second semester, which begins January 6. Like this semester, families may select either in-person instruction at school or digital learning at home. As students and families are familiar with these two options and what they entail, the decisions families make will be for the entire semester.

The Spring Instructional Preference Questionnaire is now available in your Parent Portal account. It will remain open through 11:59 p.m. on November 15.

In most cases, your preference will be displayed the next school day. Please note that what you see indicated in the Parent Portal as your decision will serve as confirmation of your selection. However, you can make a change to your selection through the deadline.

If you do not have a parent portal account, please go to the school district website for information or contact your local school to request one.

Families that don’t have an account yet can find the Parent Portal registration form online or at their student’s school. To verify their identity, parents must return the completed form in person to Laurie Tossing at Moore Middle.

Please note that we will only receive preference updates through responses to the Preference Questionnaire in the Parent Portal account.