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ENG 1 : 2015 New Unit; Launching A New Marking Cycle

Happy New Year! Wow can you believe it, it's 2015. Hope you are ready continue our quest to #DREAM.LOVE.DO at the U School.

I know we do not like that word... (Homework!) So Instead of calling it homework. Let's just say there is lots of work you are going to have to complete outside of school time.

January 1 - Janauary 15

We are launching the new year and reporting cycle with an exciting unit on Informative (Profile) Essay Writing - related to Jackie Robinson’s 9 Values. This unit should take you between 10 - 15 school calendar days to complete. This includes doing work both inside and outside of class.

Please review your progress on the SLATE dashboard. Hard copies have been sent home to your parents.

Here is a preview of what's coming up


The Chess Clinic schedule in December will be rescheduled. See Mr. Reed for more information.

U School Wicked Problems Media Works Kudos

Kudos to Dymir Black and Diamond Thompson for completing their Wicked Problems Media works. Their work along with other Highlight lab students will be featured on the YouthVoices' Website, that highlights blogs, podcast, videos and other media work of youth from around the country.

Check out the link

Also a big shout out to Ms Veena. Vasudeva and our University of Pennsylvania Research Partners for all their support in the innovation labs.

Stay tuned the Highlight lab will be taking a field trip to the PhillyCam studios.

Kudos to Scholastic Art & Writing Participants

Kudos to Diamond T. Charnell S. Jamira R. and Donnetta R-K for submitting writing for the Scholastic Art and Writing Contest! Results will be announced at the end of the month.

What is competency-based education (CBE)?

Students must complete Intro to Competency Based Learning Course found on Google Classroom.

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