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January 13th Newsletter


Back into the swing of things!

We are already half way through January! Crazy how time flies. I have set some New Year's Goals for myself. #1 is to drink less pop! #2 is to run 3 times a week. So far I am doing well and hope to achieve these goals in 2014! I will keep you posted.

I hope you have been staying warm these past few weeks. I am sure we are all ready for a warm up and happy to get outside for a bit!

I have already met with a few of you already for Quarter 2 Conferences. It has been so nice to connect and see how everything is going for you in school. Remember the end of the Quarter is January 24th and I want to make sure I connect with each of you for a conference. If we have not scheduled a time yet, please reach out.

Here's to a wonderful year together!


Ms. Heidi

Upcoming Dates

No School

January 20th - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

End Of Quarter:

January 24th (Assignments and Progress Due for Grading)

Progress Goals

Please use this guide to keep progress on track. Use the column of the month you started MNVA for your current progress.

End Of Quarter Reminder

January 24th is the last day of the quarter. I will be entering all grades using assignments and OLS Assessments for grading reference. Also there is a section of the report card that grades on participation in Reading Eggs and Class Connect Sessions. The Physical Education course will be graded as well. Missing attendance days or days where no work has been completed will be entered as absent into attendance. If you need help entering attendance or progress into the OLS please reach out! I look forward to going over all of this in our Quarter 2 Conference before January 24th.

Kids Corner

Weekly Riddle

Riddle of the Week:

Where does a snowman keep his money?

Answer to Last Week’s Riddle:

What is a snowman’s favorite lunch?


An Iceberger

Send your guesses to me or wait until next week for the answer :)

Journal Topic

What three things do you enjoy most about the winter season? What three things do you dislike most?